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Preview mobile sites on your pc


If you visit the CreOFF site with a recent mobile phone you’ll notice the layout looks simpler and lighter. Making it look nice on a mobile phone requires tweaking of the layout and changing the stylesheets.

The Opera Mobile Emulator turns out to be a big help with this. It’s a desktop version…

Thanks Adobe!

I want to thank Adobe for their gift. What gift? Adobe offered a FREE Thawte developer security certificate to the first 135 or so developers that contributed to their AIR marketplace. And yes, CreOFF is one of the lucky ones.

Why is this of importance to you? Well, if you have ever installed some AdobeĀ® AIR applications on your pc…

Vista Automatic Update stage 3 of 3 endless reboot loop

Vista Update

This evening I had the pleasure of spending precious (over)time on reclaiming my laptop from Microsoft instead of using it for some serious work. Yes, I might have been foolish in trusting Microsoft and leaving automatic updates ON because now I noticed what results this can have.

For those who didn’t experience this Vista update bug (yet):…