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Order your Bhaalu box now!

Bhaalu box

It has been in private beta for several months but now you can finally order your very own Bhaalu box in Belgium!

What does Bhaalu offer?

Bhaalu connects to the cloud and other Bhaalu boxes to create a digital video recorder on steroids. No longer do you need to record every single program you want to see, Bhaalu keeps track ...

2012: from digital TV to digital newspapers

2012 has been a very exciting year for CREOFF, having had the pleasure of helping on some cutting edge projects including a next generation digital tv experience, a next-gen digital newspaper platform and Belgium's official local election site.

Bahlu digital TV experience


Right Brain Interface is developing the next generation of Digital TV watching. Currently the service is in ...

Belgian Local Elections 2012

Lokale verkiezingen 2012 CreOFF was chosen to help with the front-end development of the Official Local Elections Result site.

As with most election sites the goal will be to provide election results in a clear and accessible way on your pc or mobile device.

CreOFF is fortunate to be able to participate in this project as it will present interesting design and performance ...

CreOFF can put your idea in the cloud

There are several cloud hosting solutions out there, but Google's App Engine is currently CreOFF's favourite by far.

Because it has such great potential for hosting scalable apps and services CreOFF is promoting Google App Engine usage by offering 25% off normal development rates for App Engine projects for a limited time only. (1)

25% OFF

App Engine is a ...