Building your apps

2014 was all about money

In 2014 CREOFF participated in two financial software projects, which meant investing heavily in testing and reliability of the software. Technology wise it was the year of AngularJS and lots of Karma, with some Coffee(script) to stay focused.

Website rewritten in Go

The CREOFF site has been around since March 2011 and an update was long overdue. Google’s Go language was one of the technologies on CreOFF’s watch list and that’s why the complete site has been rewritten from scratch in Go.

Gopher image courtesy of James Gray

Belgian Local Elections 2012

Lokale verkiezingen 2012 CreOFF was chosen to help with the front-end development of the Official Local Elections Result site.

As with most election sites the goal will be to provide election results in a clear and accessible way on your pc or mobile device.

CreOFF is fortunate to be able to participate in this…