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Jos Deldime

President of the US Donald Trump gave us a great idea for a side project because he frequently used the words “Fake News”. We began to wonder: what exactly is fake news? Can you detect fake news automagically either by machine learning or crowdsourcing?

Spoiler: No, we don’t have a silver bullet for detecting fake news automagically yet
But we did create another fun project in the meantime.

Collect articles just for your private reference…

… or share your articles

Your collection of news records is private but you can share it publicly via a standard HTML link or let users subscribe to a RSS/ATOM feed

See what a public record looks like: Example of a public record

Create your own news feed just by bookmarking articles

We made it easier to collect news articles, either by using our browser extension or importing “tagged” articles from the popular read-later service Pocket™

  • while browsing news websites bookmark any article (with our browser extension or the Pocket plugin)

  • your news links will be copied to your collection and “automagically” put in the right folder/record based on the tags you gave them

  • if your record is public your ATOM feeds will be updated as well

Join the Beta list

This is a work in progress: we’re fine-tuning the service and validating in what ways it can be made more useful. The ultimate goal is to keep track of what’s happening in the news and if possible detect the actual truth (between the lines if necessary)

If you wanna be one of the first to try this service and maybe even give suggestions on how to improve it then browse to

Jos Deldime

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